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Ash’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Apr 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapEnjoying the Melbourne life as much as ever. In fact it's not helping my ever spinning thoughts....

'Should I stay or should I go now?' .....'Can I even stay if I wanted'.....'Is the UK really as bad as i remember it'....'Ohhh there's so much more to see'......'Can I marry a local lass'.' (That one I think about every 6 seconds!).

All scale into insignificance when you compare them with some people's life dilemmas....'How am i gonna feed little Jimmy his beans'....'My bastard neighbour has shinier alloy wheels than me'....”Will anyone find out that my briefcase actually only contains a newspaper & a banana.'

One thing you can probably derive from this is that I miss my mates to rant with about my little peevs!

Anyway. Went to see the Magic Numbers last week. Enjoyed it but they don't quite deserve any derivatives other than 'lovely.' That's to listen to & not to look at as every one of them looks like Hurley from Lost.

Friday it was free drinks after work from the kind people at AXA. A great chance to get a bit socialable with some colleagues....Not to be, half went home after an hour & the others just wanted to talk about work. I'm still determined to lead a revolution & prove that accountants aren't boring!
On my way after the free ale, I stayed out & went to meet Maz & her new housemates.
Got tanked & hit a low point in my professionalism, when I saw a reflection of my lone self slobbering a Burger King in the early hours, all suited & booted.

Currently in the middle of a 2 week comedy festival in Melbourne, so went to see Ed Byrne on Saturday (scraggly haired paddy).
I'm sure he's done some sh*t TV but he was excellent & very likable. One of my favourite parts....

“Why do women always ask you what you're thinking.....and then you can't remember what you were thinking, whilst you desperately search for something cool to say.”

Not a lot on Sunday. Went to help housemate Mark collect a pool table, which will almost complete our place into a complete lad's pad (even though we live with 2 girls). 4 of us seemed more than enough but the thing was actually made from slate & weighed a ton! We couldn't get it up the stairs, so it's currently sat in the garage being dismantled, whilst we gather more man power.

Got me mate Gary staying this weekend. He's left Sydney to head back to Perth & finish his complete lap of Oz.
Off to see Jeff Green (cockney comedian), a bit of AFL & no doubt, plenty of drunkenness so should be good.
There can't be a better city than Melbourne to live for the weekend. It, quite cheesily, names itself “The Events Capital of the World,” but it's true! I'm always getting into bed with a different ticket stub stuck to my feet.

Take care people xxx