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Ash’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Apr 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapIf you're reading this backwards, ignore last week's blurb about 'staying or going.' Our house got an eviction notice through last week so I could be evicting myself from Oz sooner rather than later.

I reckon you have to meet 3 out of 4 criteria to wanna settle somewhere long term...

1) Love the city you live in - Definitely met that one, Melbourne is fantastic.

2) Like your job - Haha, I'd rather be shovelling shit for a living.

3) Like your house/housemates - DID meet that one.

4) And of course, have a bit of crumpet on go - a Les Dennis X for that one too.

Might still move into a new place with my current housemates and the other 2 could be changed to ticks if I was a little more pro-active! I'm just gagging to get backpacking to New Zealand if Im to be honest.

Had a kind of busy weekend with Gary (Irish guy travelled some of Asia with & crashed with in Sydney) staying. Went to see the comedian Jeff Green (English) on the Friday night. Also, went to see another English comedian on Tuesday in the form of Russell Howard, so I'll rate the 3 I've seen out of ten.

Ed Byrne - 8.5 Warmed to the guy & had some great stuff.

Jeff Green - 7 Funny but struggled at times, slagging off Blackpool to an Aussie audience being an example.

Russell Howard - 5.5 Talented but not my type of comedian. Dysfunctional & hyperactive where as I prefer a more slick, dead pan style.

On Saturday we went down to Wilson's Promontory. It's the southern most point of Oz & is a beautiful lush, beachy peninsula off the mainland.

After a 4 hour trek via train, bus & a lend of an Irish girl's car, we got there to be greeted by cloud. A real shame cos it'd have been stunning on a sunny day. Nearly got hyperthermia in the sea and were too lazy to do any mountain treks so we headed back via a winery. Got fed by the generous Irish lass, drunk her gift of wine & got back on the train with a carry out. As is the norm with Irish folk, the night became a bit of a blur. I was so blotto that I forgot to tell Gary where I lived, turned off my phone & locked the poor guy out until 10 the next morning. Sunday was a complete write off with us criminally missing a 3p.m. kick off for an Aussie Rules game.

Wednesday was yet another bank holiday! This one was Anzac Day, where all the past war victims are remembered. I was impressed with how patriotic everyone was for it, even if most just go out & get drunk. Young uns back home seem more interested in buying a coloured wrist band for the protection of Iguanas, than a remembrance poppy.

Really gonna try for a quiet weekend. Skint, tired of alcohol & very behind on my Spanish homework! Will hopefully get some photos up on here too.