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Ash’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 May 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapNot been up to much at all. Last weekend, had Joe (Irish nutter I met in Adelaide) crash. Both being a little strapped for cash, we just stayed in with a crate & watched 2 solid days of sport from both hemispheres. Our flat is like a Sports bar at weekends with a good crowd round drinking, playing pool & shouting at the projector.

Gary was back from Tassie on Thursday so I met him & Yank lass, after Spanish in funky Fitzroy. Ended up being a late one, which surprisingly stood me in good stead for 4 hours of meetings at work the next day. Aussies do love a good meeting to talk about nothing!

Went out with Gary & Jabba to watch Aussie Rules on Friday night. Not a good result as the team we were supporting got licked. My team, Fremantle arenít doing too hot in the league either!
Stayed out for a while & ended up pretty drunk in some meat market of an Irish bar. Waxed another weekís wages & liver abuse so Iíve been homebound for the rest of the weekend. As mentioned, thatís not always too bad in this house.
Talking of, weíve still had no luck in finding somewhere new to live. Nowhere is a patch on our current gaff so could get a bit frustrating.

Looks like I will be staying to the end of my visa now. You only ever get one so would be a waste to cut it short. Had a few thoughts about post-OzÖ.probably do a freezing New Zealand in August before flying to Santiago & heading into the highly recommended Argentina. Wonít be planning beyond that as regimented isnít the way I like to travel. Anyway, Iíll quite happily stay there, marry a senorita & farm herds of eye fillet.

Canít think of much more to say. If thereís not much to write next week, Iíll do a comparison of Oz & the UK. Could be long & complicated though! Added some photos consisting of one page of drunken gurns & another of arty Melbourne shots.

You might find more entertainment on my mate's The ol' boy has made the photo feature on the homepage with some awesome shots of Nepal. Think it's about one of my sunsets made it on there!

Take care & up The Toffees!