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Ash’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 May 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapIn the words of Trisha Goddard, boogle boogle!

No depressing rants this week as today, I booked my onbound tickets!

I have for once actually planned an itinerary, with a twist. In true Spirograph fashion, I am going back the same way I came....and further still.

The initial plan was to fly straight from New Zealand to Chile but it was a bit steep & another flight popped up for the same price. After New Zealand, I'm flying back to Oz & then to Buenos Aires via Kuala Lumpur & Johannesburg. Done KL before but a stopover in South Africa proved appealing, so I went for it.
Something ridiculous like 34 hours travelling from Auckland to Jo'burg but that's never bothered me. In fact, I'll enjoy it! When you're backpacking, all worries escape you (bit like being a school kid again), so you don't get up tight about passport control ques or cold chicken supreme dinners. Ohhh I cannae wait!

Been murmurings of potential visitors so I'll map out my itinerary:

1-25th August – New Zealand

26th Aug – 19 Sep – Jo'burg to Cape Town via Swaziland

20th September – Buenos Aires down to Patagonia (near Antarctic) and working my back north through Argentina & taking it as it comes from there.

South Africa or Argentina would make fantastic holidays. One drawback is that I can't officially say I've been around the World, as I'll be coming back on myself. Who needs to fly over the Pacific Ocean anyway!

Had a completely dry weekend, hence the motivation & cash for all this. Probably gonna be plenty more in the next few months as it's all gonna be a bit costly.

I think someone at work must have given Gerry Adams bad pension advice as we had to be evacuated & sent home early today, due to a bomb threat.
Seriously though, what kind of whopper makes a bomb threat against AXA!

Not actually minding work now as I'm off my project, so it now resembles a real job. Have never done anything more uninspiring in my life, & I've been a till girl, prepared hospital instruments for operations and been chased by Rushden weirdos not wanting a free paper.

I'm a modest bloke but I know I'm a bloody good accountant & a very hard worker, so it's frustrating not being able to do that.

Anyway, must go. Let me know if any of you fancy visiting me somewhere.

Take care & keep on truckin'