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Ash’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Jun 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapI promise to write something interesting on here one week but this isnít going to be the one, unless I find some inspiration along the way!

Weíve finally got a new place to move into, in fact weíre moving this weekend. Iíve managed to compress my life back into 15 kilos, but my housemates have a ridiculous amount of shit so my abused flamingo muscles will be pushed to the max.
Itís only a 3 bedroom gaff so Iíll be building a den under the pool table to see out my visa. More than happy with that as Iíll finally be able to see some return from the 9 to 5 grind.

Quiet weekend again just gone. Went to watch a quite boring AFL game and to a barbeque at Marleneís. The bbq became amusing when her psychopathic housemate came back, who quite alarmingly has a thing for me, and anything with a cock. We went to a really funky Latino club in Fitzroy later on. Live bands playing salsa/jazz style music so my fins started to warm up. Kept relatively sober so it's been my soberest 3 weeks since I first started drinking white cider on the swings. Has to be done if Iím to bum for another few months and Iíve pretty quashed my own worries that I have a drinking problem!

One problem I do have though is a severe lack of fitness! Helped out for my housemateís 5 a side team the other night. Despite being a man down, I put us 2-0 up & started thinking I still had it. Then, after getting floored by a girl, I deteriorated fast and had an asthma attack! Thatís right; I didnít know I had asthma either!

Right, Iíve become a little inspired so Iím going to start on my long overdue UK-Oz comparison, beginning with the people (excuse the huge generalisation).
For my own personal preference Iím splitting genders. Iím a fan of Aussie girls. Nothing superficial, although they are hot, I just like their Ďtake no shití attitude. If a guy starts sleazing or talking out of his hole, they donít buy it.
This might be due to living with Aussie guys, cos theyíre a pushy bunch! Where I fall down with the guys is on differing senses of humour. Theyíre good at taking the piss but not at receiving it, especially if itís aimed at Australia! Although this isn't the case with my housemates who I can rarely provoke a reaction out of. Maybe itís an inferiority complex to ďmother England,Ē a bit like we have with the Yanks, although I wouldnít say thereís reason for any in either case.

Australians are generally more outgoing and a very welcoming bunch. When you see Toadie helping himself to Mrs Danielís fridge, it really is like that! There are parts of the UK where this is still the case but itís becoming rarer. I have a theory behind this which will wait to next time when Iíll compare the liveability of the two lands. Youíll probably be able to guess which way Iíll be favouring there!

Will be spending most of yet another bank holiday (celebrating the Queenís Birthday!) moving house, but I also plan to be meeting up with a special old friend I never thought Iíd see again. Yes, Hilda is coming back to Melbourne! Sheís miraculously done another lap of the country and Iím meeting up with the Canadian owner for a beer.

Oh aye, its freezing here. Whoís the Ďbloody idiotí now?!!