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Ash’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Jun 2007

Location: Internet Cafe, Melbourne, Australia

MapApologies, not been on the internet for ages, which really troubles me. I've not been able to find out if they’ve found Madeleine??! May Allah and my $10 self-gratifying charity donation be with you.

So what’s the craic…Moved house last week, that were fun. NEVER will I be moving house, nor will I be buying anything that weighs more than 5 kilos.
Mushent grumble though as I am using half of the fore mentioned shite, free of charge.
My housemates are very kindly (one of whom may read this), letting me kip in a den in the living room.

We’ve moved to an area called Brunswick, which is funk central. Lots of cool pubs, foreign eateries and bizarre Chinese groceries selling random crap. Melbourne HAS to be my future home!
The flat itself is a wee bit smaller but has a balcony I’m in love with. One way you see the city and the other, the mountain ranges. Perfect for letting my empty little head drift away.
It’s more homely too and there’s no Foxtel (Sky) for us to vegetate in front of, which is very refreshing. I’m actually getting to know my housemates and they’re an interesting bunch (as mentioned, one may read so I’d best not say ‘nutters’).
Nah they’re great, maybe I’m more chilled out, but I’ve never been more content to live with a group of people.

Still into my AFL, went on Friday night to watch Carlton get their weekly shoeing. Jabba & I ended up a bit tipsy and dolphin dancing in a class pub around the corner. Great crowd with zero pretension, just going nuts & re-living their youth to a load of 80’s tunes. A group I seem to be finding myself in, although my birth certificate seems to state that I was only 5 at the time.

Fought off the hangover yesterday and went for a drive into the country with Marlene. Was a pleasant day apart from her constant obsession with trying to find Irn-Bru at every Safeway we passed.
Just went out for a few beers with Em (housemate) last night and went on the prowl for a companion to entertain in my living room lair. Unfortunately a total cockfest and Friday night's ‘victim’ was lingering so my head was bowed.

Work is alright, think I’m finally on the verge of finding the ‘missing money’ so I’ll be able to put on my accountant’s cape (grey with a sprinkling of dollar signs) and fly away, mission accomplished.

Off to celebrate Christmas in the country next weekend with some Scottish expats. Just isn’t the same having it in summer so we thought we’d celebrate one in June too, should be fun.
Then the big man Craigo (e-mail ahoy fella) is flying in which I’m excited about. Will be great to see a familiar face, especially one who has been living a similar experience.

Anyhoo, toodle pip. xxx