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Ash’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Jun 2007

Location: AXA and home, Melbourne, Australia

MapIts 5:30 and I’m still at work, feeling a little dizzy! It’s end of financial year madness and I’ve been doing rare “overtime.”
This blog is definitely going to ruin any kind of reference I could have got! (for the record, any former colleagues now reading this, this is not on my timesheet!).

I’m well aware of what I’m doing when I write openly on here & give out my blog, but, let my stupidity be a lesson for all you MySpace cretins. When you decide to have a universal conversation with your partner about tonight’s fish fingers dinner (pun wasn’t, but now is intended), that all potential employers, friends and fellow cretins can view it. And if they’re anything like me, they’ll probably think you’re a cock.

Celebrated expat Christmas at the weekend. Christmas in the sun just isn’t cricket so we celebrated one in the freezing cold, aka Bright in The Alpine Region.
Just to clarify, yes Australia does have an “Alpine Region,” where it snows & you can go skiing etc. I was bit surprised too, seeing snow in Australia was surreal.

We hired out a cottage and did the whole Christmas presents, dinner & drinking thing. My only complaint being that we didn’t cook the dinner in lard. Apparently to the health conscious Scottish with their average life expectancy of 43, this is seen as unhealthy! Am still bitter!
Plenty of drunkeness, so photos to follow.

Right, it's Friday night now and I'm absolutely shagged so I'm keeping it brief. Been working long hours and been out on the sauce last few nights. Last night was particularly funny. A friend of a brother of a friend is a PR guy & when his events are running low on numbers he fills the place by getting randoms in for free. Last night was some big chef in Melbourne hosting some charity event to build a school in India. At $140 a head, I was more than happy to make up the numbers! Endless supplies of booze & stunning Indian food so was a great night.
My favorite quote of the night had to be “Just think how great it'd be if we could educate one of these Indian kids to become a CEO of a company.” Emma, one of the fellow free loaders, raised a very good point about them probably being more happy in their lives than us grumpy 9 to 5 Westerners! At least the big wigs were giving some of their pocket money though, so shouldn't get all cynical.

Right, better head to bed as another big day ahead tomorrow. In work at 7, then meeting me mate Craig who flies in, and we're heading off to the Bledisloe Cup (Australia Vs All Blacks) at the MCG. Should be a full house so will be top draw despite my dislike of meatheads chasing after an egg.