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Ash’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Aug 2007

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

MapIt's not exactly the most mentally challenging country to travel, but physically....I'm goosed!

9 hour glaciers hikes, 3 days of snow boarding, 12 hour Fjord sight seeing trips, mixed with a bit of booze & dolphin dancing has turned me into a walking pre-historic ape in a jump suit.

The snow boarding was seriously hard work & I never knew 3 days on your arse created so many bruises & aching muscles. I was slow to pick it up & after twisting my dodgy knee on day one, things were looking grim. By day 3 however, I was kamikazeing it on the proper slopes & taking out some 10 year old skiers in the process!

Enjoyed Queenstown & we had a good crowd but have had to get my groove on. Went down to the famous Milford Sound yesterday with 4 British girls, who kindly adopted me after the Leeds girls buggered off to Fiji. The place is hyped about & I'm sure on a sunny day, it'd be worth the 11 hour round trip but it pissed it down & actually looked no better than the rest of the country.

Not enjoying the constant moving as this form of cotton wool Britpacking travel is wrecking my head. On the bus this morning, the driver asks everyone the customary questions, how long you staying, where you going next, which hostel, what trips etc. Then the Brits abroad get rolling, some Greater London trollop was talking about "the fit guys in World bar innit" & then the stuttering driver puts on some hip hop which is greeted by 2 more plastic Cock-en-neys giving each other a pouting "tune brother" & doing some head movements that resembled a diseased chicken.
I quickly put my MP3 on full, opened a beer & tightened my scarf just enough to sedate me into a scenery admiring position and block out the cretins.

I am in no doubt there is not a more consistently beautiful country than New Zealand. Every time I look up to the mountains or out of a window, I just have to smile.
In a place called Dunedin at the mo, which is celtic for "New Edinburgh." Needless to say it's quite Scottish with Jock road names, historic architecture & even the odd whiskey face speaking like Rab C Nesbit.

I'm only gonna spend a night here as it's a bit hilly & some Lake is the next stop so I'd rather rest my aching limbs there for a few days and NZ lakes tend to be nice spots.

Probably not much on for the next few days but chilling out. My phone is knackered too so that form of contact is out for a while.