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Ash’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Sep 2007

Location: St Lucia, South Africa

MapThings have been a little dry in Africa, every girl I meet is either taken or has aids. So to see 40,000 titties in one place was a bit special!

Once a year in Swaziland, 20,000 topless virgins congregate and dance off around the Royal Palace in an attempt to become the King's next (14th) wife.

About half a million locals turn up for the event and to witness it was absolutely amazing. One of the zulu guys even offered me his proposal stick but I got shy & said I wouldn't want to upset 19,999 other girls.
Loved my short stay in Swaziland. Very cultural, friendly and laid back.

Ended up staying in a backpackers for volunteers. Got on with quite a few of them and it re-affirmed my opinion that these volunteer projects are quite often a pile of piss. Some of them had paid 3000 quid to get up at 5 a.m. and then have nothing to do. Give me a break!

Back in Sauf Athrica now, in the sleepy little village of St Lucia. It's in the middle of a wetland forest and is hippo (biggest killer) & croc territory.

Today, I went to the deserted beach to regain my 'I'm not fresh meat' tan and then walked to the estuary to watch the hippos, crocs & baboons. Apparently the hippos walk the streets at night so I've been practising my tree climbing!

Will do a few more walks tomorrow as I can't be fecked with any tours & being alone with the wildlife is better than spotting them off a jeep.

The Swaziland experience has got my juices flowing & I feel totally back into the swing of backpacker life. Never really got that buzz in New Zealand.

* For the record, there was nothing sexual about the nudey fest. I think breasts are best viewed on page 3 or restrained in their holsters.