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Ash’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 03 Oct 2007

Location: Salta, Argentina

MapGot to Salta in time for the weekend and it were a good one. Went out with a group resembling the cast of Big Brother, including a Brazilian transvestite and a local homo dwarf guy.
Dwarf boy took a liking to me, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise when I explained I wasn’t after any chorizo but actually his hot female amigos.
One of who introduced me to her alarmingly young looking papa as ¨Mr. Ingleterra. ¨ He took it quite well considering.
The Argies like to party very late so not much went on other than shaking & resting my overworked fins.
In between siestas, I did manage to join 2 sound Chileans for a bbq whilst cheering on their team, Cola Cola. They offered me a lift to their hometown but although tempting, I wasn’t in any rush to leave Salta.

On Monday, I caught a bus to a small village called Cachi. It’s not about Cachi but in fact the scenery along the way and it were no disappointment I tell thee. Really barren cacti infested land under a backdrop of snowcapped multi-coloured mountains. Quite reminiscent of the good old days in Western China.
Yesterday, I took another scenic trip to Cafayate. This time on a tour with a bunch of excitable retired Argentinean tourists. The old folk were good fun singing away to the music slapping their and my thighs to the music.
The scenery was again spectacular, but different with dramatic red rock formations all along the way.

Shall be leaving Argentina tomorrow to San Pedro in northern Chile. From there, I’ll do a salt flats trip into Bolivia.
Will be on my own again after traveling from Buenos Aires with Dutchman Sietse and Melissa, a Belgian adopted as a Korean baby. It’s actually a relief as they’re a right negative pair and the lass has been a bit clingy. She even wanted to follow me to Chile but I managed to avert her.

Unfortunately It’s looking increasingly likely that I won’t be returning to Argentina on this trip. Real shame, as I’ve loved my short time here. Very friendly people, fantastic steak and quite possibly home to the World’s peachiest bums.

¨I love your peachy bum¨