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Ash’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 Oct 2007

Location: Sucre, Bolivia

MapIt's always been a desire to have dual citizenship somewhere, but Bolivia never sprung to mind! More on that later...

Left Uyuni for Potosi on Wednesday, bit of a bumpy ride that was made interesting when Nick (Somerset lad) passed out from dehydration, the trots & altitude.

Potosi is a mining town & at a high attitude, so the annoying little headaches remained.

Went on a mine tour there that was definitely an eye opener. The conditions were very dodgy. To allow us in the mines we had to buy the miners gifts. These included dynamite, 96% alcohol, coca leaves, fags all bought from the local offie.

Over 2 million people have died in them & the average expectancy working in there before you die is 10 years!

From Potosi, we came to Sucre. At only 2700 metres up, suddenly everyone felt a million dollars & of course we went out.

After several rounds of shots in some gringo bar, me, Nick & a load of Aussies went hunting for a club. After sitting in a coked up taxi driver's boot for half an hour, we finally found somewhere.

Me & Nick were worse for wear so decided on leaving back to the hostel. We went looking for water in another local club near our hostel & somehow got pumped full of beer by some local girls. Next thing we knew was we were back at these girl's student digs up in the hills drinking a 5 litre bottle of vino.

After waking up after sunset on the Saturday, Nick realised he had left his phone & ATM card at the girls house. Uh oh Spaghettio!!

I got hold of one of the girls & me & John went up to their gaff to retrieve them.

Again, a huge bottle of wine awaited us. I refrained from drinking too much but John got absolutely smashed & found great amusement in hearing about my predicament.

One the girls invited me to a bbq on Monday were I could meet my new ¨fiancée's¨ mother!!

Now I know I'm full of cheese....but proposing!

She's way out of my league so I should really marry the girl but instead I'm bailing to La Paz asap.

After listening to their collection of Guns n Roses & Bon Jovi, I carried John home where he preceded to be sick about 10 times & shit in the bin!

Today, a load of us went on an really cool, if challenging, bike ride on dirt tracks around Sucre. Great scenery, even when I totally stacked. Seems to have done the trick though as I've sweated out the evil & swimming in the freezing waterfalls certainly woke me up.

That's enough of my ridiculous weekend. La Paz tomorrow & then I might detox in the Amazon.