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Ash’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Nov 2007

Location: Quito, Ecuador

MapDid I say South America buses were nice cos they bleedin` well werenít the other day. At stupid Oíclock in the morning, our first bus to Ecuador turned up. It was a hop, hop off bus, unfortunately for us we wanted to do no hopping off. That is apart from a ridiculously drawn out border crossing where we had to wake up the Ecuadorian retard that appeared to have never seen a passport in his life.
After passing in & out of consciousness waking each time seated next to a different Ecuadorian, we made it to Guayaquil.
John & Nick had to get to Quito for a flight & my D day flight is from Guayaquil so I joined them on another long bus. This 8 hour beast never stopped once so it was 24 hours without food & just one dodgy quick slash around the back of the Peruvian immigration office.

Right enough of the bus moaning. Itís hardly something new!

The next day (Monday I think), the boys, an Italian-German lass & NOT ME wanted to visit the equator, which is what this country is named after.
After a few hours of pissing about on public transport we made it to ¨the Equator.¨ Hilariously theyíve built a cheesey whitewash town on it too, Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo (Middle of the World City).
All of a sudden it was me & NOT the others, loving the different cheese on toast photos opportunities. Look out for them!

Today, Iíve wondered around Quito & Iíve been very impressed. Thereís the surprisingly modern new town, the beautifully colonial old town and friendly people who speak very fast Spanish.

However, this isnít going to stop what has become some kind of bus (or inability to stay still) addiction, as Iím heading into Columbia tomorrow.

Along with Argentina (which I f--ked up exploring (no more brackets I promise)), itís my most desired destination in South America.
Everyone loves the place & itís supposed to be a lot safer than the media portrays. Saying that, Cali where Iím off to has a ¨higher murder rate in one weekend than Norway has in a year! ¨

Nah in all seriousness, Iím sticking to the beaten track where obviously the usual can still happen but owt else would be unlucky.