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Ash’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Nov 2007

Location: Taganga, Colombia

MapAfter the embarrassing football, I did manage to have a look around Cartagena & was impressed with the colonial old city. Very beautiful colourful buildings & very reminiscent of Havana. No surprise itís an UNESCO heritage site.

Saying that, once youíve seen it, youíve seen it, so I buggered off same day.

I headed off along to the coast to Santa Marta in the north east of Columbia.
Here I caught up with an old mate, Irish Gary. It was great to see a familiar face as Iíve previously travelled with him in Asia & weíve put each other up in Oz before. Heís also in the same boat as me as heís returning home just before Crimbo.

Next morning, Gary, Katie (Garyís English fluff) & I headed off to Tayrona National Park. The place is famed for itís beautiful beaches set inside the jungle. After passing two beautiful beaches, we set up camp in our hammocks at a third beach.

Now, the beaches were lovely & I doubt you could find more secluded ones anywhere else in the Caribbean, but Iíve probably seen better.
Didnít help that it rained the 2nd day & we had to trek back through the muddy water, horse shit & biting red ants bare foot.
Was a fantastic relaxed two days & much needed as Iíve been rushing around far too much of late.
Just in Taganga right now, this is a cosy beach village just out of Santa Marta. Gary & Katie have just gone off to Bogotá as Garyís flying down south to find a new boat for his Antarctic cruise after his boat sank t`tother day & Katie is off to Venezuela.

Off on a 6 day trek tomorrow to the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City). Itís a bit of a Macchu Picchu style spot but itís supposed to be all about the trek itself.
Will return to Taganga for a few more daysí rest afterwards sun before touring more of Columbia.

See you in a week.