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Ash’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Dec 2007

Location: Bogota, Colombia

MapDid very little in Taganga apart from chill out on the beach & attempt at ridding the pasty English skin.
Cracking spot to rest as most of South America, unlike Asia, is devoid of beach towns.
I did head to Santa Marta market one day which was quite amusing. I really wanted to get a CD of one of my favourite Columbian songs. Only knowing the track, one guy eventually rocked up with a triple CD of a Columbian boyband. Only a quid so I still bought it despite the embarrassment. Then I was subject to a sexual assault by 3 girls in one stall. One dragged me in & they started doing that revolting North African hissing in my ears & trying to cup my balls. The girls were desperate for some gringo action up on the coast, possibly with it being a poorer region of Columbia.

Being completely rejuvenated, I began my long trek back to Ecuador with a bus to the capital, Bogota.
Got here on Thursday & was shocked by the drop in temperature, feels freezing compared to up north.
Didn`t do a whole lot, met up with 2 Aussies & had a few before passing out.

Possessing possibly one of the scummiest backpack wardrobes around, I went on a crazy shopping spree on Friday ready for a return to image consciousness.
I hopped on a bus to far out Bogota armed with little info of where to shop. I asked a local businesswoman, Paula, who ended up saying she`d accompany me after doing a bit of business. Very much the Columbian way so I went with. After pissing about in different offices where the staff where quite bemused by my presence, I said I had to get off shopping. Hopped in cab where she decided to tell the driver her dilemma of having a fella but not knowing whether she should sleep with me or not! Came to me as a shock as I`d never once implied that was what I wanted. A bloody 28 year old accountant, Columbian girls are nuts. Anyway I eventually aborted to the shopping centre & said I`d call her later (lying in such situations is the only way here!).

I ended spending a small fortune on new clobber & somehow came out resembling a football hooligan.
Friday night, looking smooth, me, Lael (Argie), Scott (Oz) & some Greek nutjob headed off into Zona Risa, a posh suburb of bars. We ended up in the Ministry of Sound with English DJ`s. I had a great night as I`ve been deprived of house music for a long time. Met some sound locals & ended up home well after sunrise.
A bit knackered, me & Lael headed up to a lookout point later on. Took an hour & half, & combined with altitude, was a killer. Then the shite Bogota weather hit & we got crap views.

Last night, a load of us from the hostel headed to `Andreas Carne de Res.` This is a massive restaurant/salsa club on the outskirts of town & was very different to owt I`d seen before. Over 1000 people pile into this one place to eat amazing steaks, dance the night away & rinse the bank account. It was expensive for me so you can imagine the rich & pretty clientele it attracted. Great fun & another late night so today has been the usual mewing around not really seeing much of Bogota with it raining half the time.

Am off to Solento tonight in the Coffee Region. Suppose to be beautiful so looking forward to it. After that, probably bomb to Ecuador as the end is nigh.