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Ash’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Dec 2007

Location: Cali, Colombia

MapRon & Putas (rum & whores), that`s the topic for this weekend.
Got to Salento on Monday morning & passed out for most of the day.
After a heavy weekend in Bogota & being kept up all night on the night bus by Alfredo, a friendly old fella wanting to tell me everything he knew about Columbia, I felt almost jetlagged.
I did manage a stroll to look at the beautiful surroundings of Salento & to people watch the cool looking locals in their cowboy hats & wellies.
Went off on a proper walk on Tuesday up to Cocora Valley. Absolutely beautiful green spot and quite unique. Highlighted by crazy looking 50 metre waxy palm trees. Bought a load of beautiful coffee from the local coffee plantations too.

Wasn`t sure what to do after Salento as basically the only plan is to be back in Guayaquil by next week. So in the end, with my birthday being yesterday, I thought I`d return to Cali (salsa capital) for yet more partying. Well, I may aswell live it up for my last days.
Cali was my first stop in Columbia an unbelievable 4 weeks ago but I`m staying in a totally different area. Last time, I crashed in a local suburb with the hospitable Nancy & family. This time, I`m in the ultra modern upper class part spending silly money in cafes. Needless to say I preferred the local experience but civilization isn`t all bad when you`re on the sauce.

Ended up getting an alright crowd together last night as a few English & an Aussie guy I`ve met previously, were fortunately in town.
After some top notch tapas, I splashed out on a litre carton of rum. I absolutely love Columbian rum so no better way to get the night started. Things never really kicked off as every suburb of Cali we went to was half empty or full of hookers. Ended up beating the 3 a.m. Cali curfew in some bizarre huge Salsa club out of town. Was alright but hoping for better things for the weekend.
So that`s about it, more rum & dancing ahoy for the weekend. Will hopefully get some more photos of Columbian girls although I wasn`t having much success meeting any last night.
English Clive summed it up ¨Ash, not every girl is a give `un you know & you`ll certainly need to get use to that before next week.¨