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WildPetals’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Feb 2006

Location: northern kenya, Kenya

MapIt is raining finally.I have just come out to enjoy the rain and dance in it as it has really become a rumour in this part of the country especially after we are experiencing drought in Northern Kenya.
The smell of the dust mixed with the rain is like music to the soul and Im currently covered in mud because i went rolling in the grass.
Fantastic..Meaning now , when the guides return, there will be animals wallowing in the swamp celebrating.
And I will not have the stress of having the clients coming back complaining they have not spotted any of the predators.Though , between you and me , I doubt if they will appear because the predators hate the wet grass.
Well , so much for the 3 brothers- a family of cheetahs, and the elusive leopard who has been naughty and now has acquired a family.
I know, I know.
You are wondering what and where this Camp is near Northern Kenya.
But the Camp im in , is far and exclusive and far nicer than the other units. Of course , this is entirely based on a biased opinion.
Oh.. dear , I think I spoke too soon and the rain has stopped.
And opps, one car has returned from a game drive and the guests inside are totally totally drenched .

Must go now ...