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WildPetals’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Apr 2006

Location: Coulmbia, USA

MapMy dears..hmm..first of all I am gnawing my teeth, gnashing my that what it is called , I am not sure, English is my second language, and it did arrive on a some forsaken ship from some foreign country ..I am too old to remember the history .. but yes..I ahve been doing all that, gnashing, gashing, gnawing and you name it BECAUSE the foolish us network acalled tmobile doe not work in this small town.It is so small that we were surprised to find it the most cleaniest airport or airstrip according to american standards ever.White , pristine, and all.
Ok.. pls note the spelling msitakes.I have drank a large glass of red wine and my fingers are a bit slow.
Anyway, apart from all that,it is a very beautiful town, very southern, and in fact Suja had a talk today and i fell short of telling him that below our sign , he hould have stressed we were from a Southern Baptist Church in Kenya- as if we have some thing like that at home and we would have had alot of donations coming forth.
BUT, we did not.
Anyway i must tell you that we are staying- unfortunately we are leaving tomorrow to North Carolina, but it is the mostess beautifullest housest we lived in.Situated near a lake, I ahd the pleasure of waking up or actually not sleeping after some bullfrog decided to sing the symphony for us , the geese were out there and believe it or not, there was a domestic goose- ugly goose taking care of the young chicks.She is like a nanny to them.And our hosts were the bomb.
We had dinner today AND depressing or relieving it may be to Connery, they had no MARGARITAS. I would have killed them. I drank rum and coke until caffenine was coming out of my ears.
Then someone has been to North Carolina and they told us that there do not serve alcohol in Asheboro or Greensboro or whichever boro it is. My eyes popped out and Sujas face fell.
Hmm.. there are many ways of killing a rat. I will sort that out tomorrow. I ahve what the americans call a go away or to go cup which I can put some wine ther e for my journey 4hours tomorrow.
As it is going to 1 am right now, I need to bid all my fans goodnight.
As for those who will be receiving some frying pan on their heads when they meet me at the airport, che sera sera..
And finally for some who are anxious that I may remain in the States.. guess what , it is 6 days 5 hours before I leave the States.. and I AM NOT COUNTING..
me..Mexchica Girl