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WildPetals’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 May 2006

Location: USA

MapPoor guys,
You have been waiting for me to sort out where I am.
I had a free time,lost my voice and hated america especially during the last days.I was sick like a dog and just wanted to getout the pollen country.
You would think that I was much wiser , hmm that is the correct phrase.Think
Anyway, our final day of presentations was in Philly and by jove , wasnt it jubilation despite being voiceless , i was in sheer ectasy.
Sujales , did the presentation , I went for the hot toddies - because I understand it is good for the throat.
After that, i am not sure if I ever managed to tell you , that we are looking at the next Tiger Woods - in the form of Sujales,the Masai moran from Laikipia.
And I , I am and will be his caddie, when he becomes rich and famous.
We dined with the famous over the couple of days, I met this baseball guy, dont ask me names and all , and we were in this old refined restaurant and I was in awe at that time.
I was actually sharing dinner with another famous artist who is 85 years old and he is such a darling and he kept on telling us allsorts of stories.
The day grew closer and on the 6th I left America.
Actually , there is talk of another trip in November...YIKES