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WildPetals’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 May 2006

Location: Kenya

MapHOME,back to the dust , back to the rich and the famous and back to my lovely creeping crawling creatures that prowl around the world in 365days.
Yes, i am now dealing with the same clients some of whom I met.
Work has becoming out of my ears,and I mean , my ears ever since I arrived.
Suja is at home ,herding the cows , and I am toiling , ohh , can you hear me complaining , toiling and entertainining and all.
You know there is never a dull moment in the ranch.
And indeed, there isnt.
Camel riding with the zoo group, we had cussing fromthe animals , people and all from the time they were on the camel and until they stepped down.The camels were cussing at each other and the people wanted to cry and laugh and the entire conservancy was just like a chaotic riot.
Then last night,,
Because it is too hot, some people take a lot of water.
So Waduck decided she wanted to take a potty call.Please note they had been trailing the 3 brothers - cheetahs , and the cheetahs were trailing a herd of zebras.Unfortunately for these rascals, there were no babies around .And so the cheetahs were weighing their possibilities.
Waduck decides well since the cheetahs are not moving, well then , Let me do a potty call near the bush that was on the right.
Squatted and did her thing,as she was standing up getting ready to get to the jeep, suddenly she heard, hooves runnig , then at the same time, 70 zebras dashed in front of her, and the cheetahs on their heel.
Can you just imagine....... then of course allthe jeeps started following the hunt, and poor girl waslost.She went into autopilot and climbed the jeep and sat quietly.All this was captured on film..