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WildPetals’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Mapyes, yes, yes,
Are you all stewing over the fact i have not been writing too much.
I am a busy lady who does not always sit here and write in the journal.
Let me call this guy Johhni Walker Black as he loved his whisky finally left us, very sad and looking forward to coming to Lewa again. Ducky and the rest were sad to leave and I and the Masseuse had offers to be bought houses in some hill and i had promised to throw them over the cliff.
Now let me shed some light.
JW owns a mortuary and he has been married for 30 something years or so. First time in Africa , he got a massage that left him proposing to the Masseuse and since he has never seen a beautiful country and land like this.He fell in love.
right noe, poor chap, i think he will want to return back someday and settle but the problem here is that he is really from old school and from the South of US.
Anyway, my people were happy.
One guy..I will call him Rare Scotch - RS, was the oldest in the group.
RS was sleeping in the last night, and in the middle of the night, felt some thing land on his head. Yes, no what goes through your head, a spider, a bat, a bushbaby, that is what RS - 84 had is his mind.He considered waking up Pow but Pow was busy sleeping and snoring on the other side, and also he may have moved and he would have been attacked by this creature that was sitting on his head.
So slowly and stealthily, he decided , a man gotta do what a man got to do, and he reached out, and gingerly felt his that moment , his heart was nearly failing him, his insides were turned inside out, and he had broken out to a cold sweat.
He finally got the guts to feel this creature.
Only to discover he was touching his second pillow that had fallen on his head
He he he