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WildPetals’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Jun 2006

MapEllo, ello, anybody home.

I am back but not with a lot. I had visualized myself on some sunny coast with a margarita with Mia rubbing lotion on my back, but alas, fate had another thing planned for me.
So in a nutshell, I am still in the bundus doing the same old. I am starting to think my gay radar has followed me from wherever to here as I have just come from having a pink weekend down here.
Alot about right now, is nothing has happened really.

What I have discovered is that we have within our reach, very lovely areas whereby from right now,if I would like to unwind as I wanted today seeing that people who mattered were not happy with me , so I found some spring in the forest and thats my new venue for the guests and honeymooners. It is such a beautiful area and I have tried to enclose some pictures which would reflect where the place is.
BUT, elephandts frequent the areaso woebetide you , if you are caught on the ground.If any of you have heard of speedy gonzales , thats what you will be.
If all goes well , I will soon be sipping my margarita on the sunny coast .
Keep on keeping on and catch you later