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WildPetals’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Jul 2006

Mapi know you have been fretting around wondering what has happened to me but let me tell you, I am a busy woman and my job can be very demanding..Yeah rite. Sundowners on some hill on some night, sundowner near a river on other nights, partying all night on some dam somewhere..

Nahhh I am here and just too busy ...Sincerely.
Anyway Iam alive , kicking and surviving.
To let you know , I have acquired a new knowledge sorry I have acquired a new career.Florence Nightingale is my name and I am the guardian angel of some lonesome dove who decided to suffer from heatstroke and had to ferried to nairobi and i ahd the unfortunate to be the one to go with Lonesome Dove.
The poor guy has been given a second chance to live and he ought to be very thankful for that.
I know, I need to elaborate but I wont. So there.
Anyway, another film cree was here , part of those who were here in March. Dont joke.. If I am not in some UK channel, then they did not like my face and the way each time they were filiming i had to pass deliberately and wave so that they could see me.
Currently for those who will be watching Suzuki , I am in a car advert driving across the prairies and cruising .. Dont joke. \Please I do not do autographs on emails. You need to come and I sign them here. And I am not one of those cheap, funny weird artists. I have my values.
My head has grown so big ..
So they were taking pictures of some animals drinking some water and there I am with a AK 47 , and I shoot them..
Well those animals , I had shot an elephant and it went shoosh, whoosh, plomp.. into the swimming pool.
Gotcha.. Of course it was a inflated one. I work in a conservancy mind you. Ohh I can see your eyes bulging out.
Now you want to strangleme but too bad.
My next adventure was that I smelt the leopards pee and I ran for ly life to my house and I was quaking in my pants.
Right now it is quiet very dry.
Ok, I have rambled and gambled and rabbitted.
See you all next time.
Please watch out for miss thang on the tv commercial.