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WildPetals’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Jul 2006

MapNow I have to write this page and not take too long as the other time I had written such a long journal only to be logged out.
Alot has been happening and right now , I am not sure even where to start.
Did I ever tell you about my film crew who has thus returned to make a recce and are now coming back in august to stay in the in the bundus...until October. Poor guys. They dont know what is in store for them. This time round , I was not the guide.I have swamped with work and I had someone else take over.So when they were being charged by chuma or when they had to climb up a tree because some elephant was on the chase, I was back in my camp, enjoying my madness sipping my fruit punch.
Anyway they will be building a community lodge farther north,where there is absolutely no communication, you beat with a drum..I am joking, but it is just remote. Poor chaps , had a culture shock but it is all for a good cause so we all wish them luck.
After they left, we had another bunch of dutch film crew shooting the suzuki vitara - new one, around the camp.
Goodness me, I was surrounded by big white trucks, green trucks, grey trucks, I am telling you i felt as if I was in hollywood.
We started with casting some the staff and we chose Papa and Patrick.
Now Papa is old man . the scene is there are poachers and and they are chased by the rangers in the suzuki.
Come the day which was 11th - Papa were askd to wear the most dirty clothes.Mud was applied on them, and they were just murky. Poor staff .. They woke up at Dressed up and they were driven to the park. In haste because they had had no tea, Papa was given a bread roll and a packet of juice. Let me tell you.They ran across the dam, across the acacia trees, scractched by the thorns, thrown on the floor and take one , take two until 23. He came back darker than he was, he has sworn he will never be in a tv commercial ever again.And worse still, he still had the bread roll in his pocket..He said his tongue was hanging out like a dog.He is still lamenting about his stardom.
As forthe animals , I am not sure if they know what hit them.
As for me, I laughed so hard,till my ribs hurt so much.
And my adventure. We have a new platform right now . I was planning a surpirse with a swiss group we had. No body knew where the place is. So I took them there. While we were taking the food, out comes an elephant.
Me being me, because I am trying to compete with Bertie, he is becoming too good, I am getting green with envy, I decided to hide in a bush and take a close up photo of the elephant.
It was a female . Little did I know that Daddy Ellie, Child Ellie , was in the vicinity.Hmm. I took 3 pictures before Mama Ellie decided that thats enough photos and since she is not related to Bertie, she went for me.
Through the trees, and the bushes and up the platform in a speed I myself did not know that I was capable of..I flew and the foolish Mama elephant was just doing a mock charge. But I was not going to wait and see how minced meat I would ahve been.
And you cant believe , I mentioned to Bertie, all he did was harupmpg.. " you are getting better" . If you cant win them, join them. I think he is getting scared.
Anyway, I gotta go.
SO watch out for some suzuki commercial. I will be the one driving the car..