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WildPetals’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Jul 2006

Location: Kenya

MapYesterday was a day that started out as a normal day.
We had several check ins and the usual stuff.Hmm. Come the evening.
I rang up my girlfriend and we gossipped about things, life and what all women do.
I had nearly forgotten that we had a bush dinner for a hungarian , married to a jap with 2 children. So i dressed up with a small vest and a skirt very light one, knowing I would do my normal rounds then see this family.
I did exactly that and I have this wonderful family who really wanted me to stay with them but I was also worried with the lets call him Hagar , Family. And also I ahd some good travel agents who we had previously been having laughs of my escapades with wildlife.
Anyway, so I tell Suja, hey , let me dash to the dam and check out the situation and then I will be back.
In the car, vroom, vroom, to the dam, I sit there and we talk about life , work, staff, you name it. Its getting late , and the children are dozing off. So I says to them, lets pack up and we can have an aperitif in the camp.
So Loitaman - guide, and his clients leave and I am in front of them.
In my head, ahh, the dam looks dry, so why dont i just cut across it and get back to camp.
Yeah rite.
There i was singing to myself , all of a sudden, the car stopped and started sinking into the mud. The daft thing. It is black cotton soil, so it looks like a cake. Dry on top, wet underneath.
I went into 4wd and I realized I was just digging my self into a deeper trench.
Clever arent I..So there I am and i am yelling for help... Fez, Fez, Fez.. help me.
So the utility car came to fetch me.
I went back to the fireplace and I had not eated. The clients had finished everything. I had thought the bar was still open but Loitaman had carried everything with me.
I tell Fez, Leeand Les and Mwangi- the gardener , we best go and see if we can remove the car.
SO with a shovel, a pressure lamp, and KKK, we go to rescue, KAD.
Hmm. didnt we all have mud on us. Me , miss prim and proper with my sombrero, had mud all over. It sprayed us. Then KKK got stuck. Clever me again.Had I carried my phone.. no.!!!!.
Then the worse thing , the fire was dying and there was a pack of hyenas who were just watching ous, rubbing their paws, waiting for the it to die then they attack us.The area was pitch black.
So fez called out to loitamann and he came woth a landrover and drove straight into that same path.
So now how many cars were stuck .. 3 of them.. ANd now I was getting so cold. I moved between the 3 cars trying to get some warmth. My last resort was to huddle myself btwn the dashboard and the seat and coil into a foetal position.
After 3 and I/2 hours , we had not done anything. And then into the dark, we kept seeing eyes following us.
Finally help arrived with Njogu and and i had to rush back to the camp. I went to the fireplace and got on the phone .We woke up every living male to go and hoist the cars. Let me just say, my entire body looked as if I had had a mud bath or I had wallowed in the mud. Needless to say, my bath tub resembled a lake itself.
I still cannot feel my legs right now,they are still cold, I have a terrible cough but I am smiling.
My poor staff came back at 2 am after rescuing the cars.
Well , My new name is calamity Jane.