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Maria and Gerry’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 May 2006

Location: ATHENS, Greece

MapHere we are then., on Monday morning, 6.45 am, ready to start our 14 day tour. We arrrived here on Wednesday morning after an uneventful 22 hour flight. Found the bus for our hotel, checked in and spent the rest of the day desperately trying to remain awake. To do that, we walked along the beautiful promanade just across the road from the hotel Coral. Our hotel is situated in a seaside suburb of Athens. We quickly realised that her it would be a little warmer than in Tokoroa. Finally at 8pm we hIt the sack, crashed
The following day we got transport information at the reception and ventured forth. The tram stop was but 100m down the road and it was just a 40 minute straight run into 'town', where we alighted at Syntagma Square. Of course,the first sight there is the guards standing at attnetion. In fact, yesterday when we arrived there, there was a full parade in action, but wishing to get to Mass in time, there wan't time to stop for photos. Never mind!
Back to the 2nd day, we found a suitable coffee place and after careful instructions we got the sort we wanted. We proceeded down Ermou towards Monisteraki. On the way we visited a 11th C church and a very helpful dental student gave us a guided tour, explaining many things including the lower level for the priest behing the curtain, Our Lady above that and finally, God, a ppainting of |Jesus above in the wee cupola.
Yesterday we attended a High Mass in Latin., at the cathedral of St Dionysis. The choir and organ playing blew our socks off. Beside us sat a Nigerian family, he the breadwinner a so called trader, whatever that means. On the other side of us there were Philippinos. At the time of peace, they all gave the sign in English, would you believe!
At a coffee stop after, the most important time of the day, we hearsd the couple beside us speaking in Dutch, of all things! When we finally made verbval contact they remarked how well our Dutch speech was. That made us feel really great!
So now we are off to breakfast, So until next time, Andio!!