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Maria and Gerry’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Jun 2006

Location: Athens, Greece

MapAlmost two weeks have passed and we have been tooo busy to get near a computer.A lot has happened in those two weeks. We travelled almost 1500 kms in the bus and spend 4 days on a cruise ship in the Aegian Sea. It would be very to sum up our experiences in a few short lines. so we won't! It goes without saying that when you visit Greece you ntend to concentrate on the historical sites. and we certainly did!

Starting in Athens we headed for Corinth, where we had lunch beside the canal on the 1st day. A curious sight was to see a traffic bridge sink below the water to let the ships pass over the top.

The places we saw were Naplion, which had a great sea view when one walked down after our meal. The following day we clamberedf up to the top of a steep hill on which was a Crusader castle, but they only stayed there for 56 years. Below it was a city now largely abandoned apart from a few monastaries. Mycaena was a pre BC fortification at the topof a hill at the head of a valley. It was complete with full up to date water reticulation, which included cisterns to hold the water. It was Sliemann, the German archaeologist who unearthed many treasures, keeping the best for himself and his Greek wife. By the way, when we were in \Rhodes, we saw a move being made about it, zand we will have photos to prove it. Modern Athens wasn,'t suitable for the shooting. Also visited Olympia, Gerry even running a race. Nesto's Palace, one of the earlierst historical sites, and spoke to the Oracle at Delphi. I even offered my umbrella to the god Opollo.I think he was happy with my gift for there wasn't any rain until 1/4 hour ago, when we were sharing a last beer around the road before taking the ferry this evening to Crete.
After the bus trip , whicvh finished with a visit to the incredible monasteries at Meteora, two of which we climbed up to and in, we embarked on the Sea Diamond for a hectic 5 islands and a stop at the Turkish port of Kusadasi. It certainly wasn't a leisurely cruise, but eh experience was certainly very worthwhile.
Now we will soon be on our way to Crete on a fast ferry/ Actually, while we were typing the last email we should have been getting ready for the beginning of our touw\r, but talking to 2 Indians also doing Greece, we thoiught our time was the same but was inmn actual facy 1/2 hour early, Thankfully we wer ethe last only on that morning. It was a great time, with lovely people most of whom we have already waveed off, ec\xcept a Kiwi couple, he having lived in Tokoroa until he went to uni, would you believe. It's a small world. Another Kiwi we travelled with on the isalnd on Santorini, to the new volcanic parts is a Greek lawyer from Wellington, who was born in the street where Rhys now lives. Must be away, dear Friend. We'll be off to the Port ofg Piraeus in 35 minutes. After walkiung the high wayws and pathe\s around the Parthenon today, some refreshment is requied. Andio for now.

Love from Gerry and Maria