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Maria and Gerry’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Jun 2006

Location: Hania, Greece

MapHi floks,

On a day like today ther's nothing nicer than walking along the old Venetian harbour front, sitting in the shade with a coffee, water of beer and watching the world come by, boats gliding on the clear water. The hustler in our cafe talked to everyone passing, tryin to guess their nationality and speaking the greeting in that language; he was right about 3 times out of 4.

Last night when we were sauntering along our favorite spot, there was a explosion from the roof of a building not far way, which frightened one of the fiacre-drawing horses, who galloped off on his usual route without driver, and followed by a police-car.

Our Grrek guide of the Cosmos tour couldn't quite get his tongue around Portegys, so from the 3rd day on, we became Mr & Mrs Papadopolus.

Did you know what Olympic Airways stands for? (please excuse us if anything gets repeated because at the cost of computer use, we really haven't the time to check much).
Onassis likes your money, preferably in cash.

In Hania, where we are now, is the plae where Zorba the Greek was flimed.

Must away, dear people. Love from Gerry and Maria