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Maria and Gerry’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Jun 2006

Location: Budapest, Hungary

The smaller the island the more bikes and scooters, the louder the better, even on the narrow walkway along the seawall. The only ashtry was on the water cistern. I wonder why???
At the Hania Airpot: Turk Airline Notice:

A lot of water has passed under the bridge so to speak,a lot of air and land kilometers have gone and so now it is time to get our travel blog.
We left you in Hania on the isle of Crete where the weather has been very hot.
Well we thought when we move 1200 k north the situation might be different. Yeah Right!!!!.
On the Monday we packed our bags got down to the lobby and reception phoned for a taxi to take us to the airport on Akrotiri Peninsula the scene of heave fighting in WW2 with involvement from many kiwi troops many of whom stayed behind to fight with the partisans.
It is a small airport though many international flight land there especially the package holiday makers.Tourism is now Cretes biggest industry by far as sun starved northern europeans head south for some R&R.
Discovered we were flying with Aegean not Olympic to Athens.It was short hop to Athens whose airport is brand new specially for the 2004 Olympics.From there we flew with Malev an airline we had never heard of and still not sure what it means.The Ma stands for Magyar the name Hungarians call themselves.Does lev stand for levitation?
Anyway a pleasant flight in wide leather bound seats for we had scored the business class section as that was virtually empty.First impression of Budapast was the heat as we stepped of the plane to a waiting bus which took us to the terminal,even hotter than Crete.Seems we lande in the middle of a heat wave which would stay with us for most of the Balkan Tour with temperatures in the high thirties