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Maria and Gerry’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Jun 2006

Location: Budapest, Hungary

We are or were having problems with autosave so some stuff kept getting lost.
However we wanted to tell you how we got to and from Szentender.
Its a pretty little town on the the Danube not too far from Budapest.
Armed with maps and instructions we walked to the underground in order to catch a local train.
Now here a complication arose for part of the line we were travelling on was undergoing repairs so a shuttle bus was used to move us.A kind lady who spoke German which we could follow helped us to get to the underground railway station even pointing out where to buy the tickets.We trundled along the Danube for its not a fast train in the morning sunshine as locals got on and off ,the ticket collector did his thing (on the return trip he threw a couple of young non paying passengers off) and we got off at the station ,found a very nice coffee shop where all the furniture was made from natural wood ie not sawn.
It got hotter and hotter but by sticking to the shady side of the street we found relief.Lots of shops selling handcrafts,embroidery,ceramics,paintings,wall hangings etc,etc very tempting especially at those prices.Had our luch on a shady bench overlooking the Danube and later a cold beer.We talked at lenght to a moonlighting teacher about wages which on average are about 170 euro per month so every one has more than one job.
In the evening had a nice meal in a local restaurant and when we came out we were approached by armed police.You see our hotel was on the road between the airport and downtown Budapest and the Great George Bush was paying a visit and security was high.When it was realised that w did not speak Hungarian a guy in civvies suggested we cross a busy road to continue our journey back to the hotel,we innocently asked why.Where are you from he asked,When we said NZ he answered Oh you are on the left.A complinent we took it as!!!!
We never saw the presidential fleet sweep past.