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Maria and Gerry’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Jul 2006

Location: Budapest, Hungary

MapNow there are Irish Pubs everywhere but we found a Scottish Pub in Pest.
At breakfast one day David West retired and from Florida (where else) He was keen to get home and watch the College World Series.A World Series eh said I .How many countries are taking part said I innocently.I beg tour pardon he said and I think for the first time the silliness of one country only being at a world series dawned on him.
In Serbia we saw a bus with passengers still in their seats sitting in a shallow lake.One of our group suggested the engine had become overheated and what better way to cool it in 38 degrees heat.
In Sofia we saw a truck wadged up against a tree and another vehicle trying in vain to extracate it.
In the same town we saw a five vehicle pile up.
In Romania on the way to Sinaia there was an almighty bang from the back of the bus and the ride suddenly became very bumpy.The bus was stopped and the driver did an inspection but declares all OK.That night as we preparing to go out for dinner the driver arrived at the hotel looking very grubby.Turned out one of the air suspension bags had burst but he got it fixed.
In one hotel room we found that the air con was not working so we changed rooms.By this time we had unoacked and everything was threwn round the room but with the help of the porter we got everything moved down the corridor.Maria discovered that she was missing a pair of earrings so the porter went down to reception to get a card so we could have a look at our old room,no luck.The following morning we spotted the room cleaning crew who again checket even tearing open the vacuum cleaner bag to search.No luck.However as we left we were gien an envelope with the missing articles.
As we sat in the bus waiting to depart on hotel the tour guide approached me and said that reception would like to speak to me.Seems there was an unpaid bill for our room.Seems someone either accidently or maliciously had charged food and drink to our room.There was no signarue so easy to say no way,and it was left at that
You can tell how much drinks in a hotel, are goning to cost by the size of the lobby ie the bigger the lobby the higher the prices.Found one ideal hotel in Cluj Napoca Romania where the bar was in fact open to the public so very cheap drinks.