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Maria and Gerry’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Jul 2006

Location: Budapest., Hungary

MapA day where the temperature was alittle more bearable,even some rain
As usual on the road around 8 and a 2.5 hr drive to the town of Oradea.not far from the Hungarian border.It is actually a city 180000 inhabitants.We were dropped at McDonalds for they always have clean toilets very important in parts of Europe.We walked along a pedestrian mall in progress to the centre.Enjoyed window shopping and had a more than decent cappacino which are few and far between.It was so good we had another one on the way back.Took photographs of the river om the bank of which was a magnificent synagogue,ate our luch the back to the bus.No hassles going through border control though our tour guide thought the Hungarian chappy was having lunch and hated to be interrupted. Back in the country where we had started our tour almost two weeks ago.On to Budapest along roads a bit like the parsons egg,good in parts.Like many other former communist countries the roading infrastructure is under pressure from too many cars and heavy transport.Our hotel in Budapest was on the northside of the Danube in Buda.Checked in and organised a wake up call for 4.15 in the morning then went lookng for an eatery.Met one of the tour group who told us she had just had a goulash soup to die for so we found the place and agreed with her.Also had a giro,pita bread shaped into a cone and filled with meat,chips all sorts of things and topped with a dressing.Delicious. On our walk to the eatery had passed a church with a wedding party on the steps so took some photos,on the way back paid a visit as it was Catholic one.Mass was just past the sermon so stayed till the end then back to the hotel for an early sleep.