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Maria and Gerry’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2006

Location: Thailand

MapOur last day in Thailand.We were real lazy bones this morning getting to the breakfast room just before they closed.Seems lots of other people had the same idea.
Last night we were reminded that departure tax is 500 baht and has to be paid in cash no plastic accepted.This we had not budgetted for so we were left with 180 baht( about $9) and not wishing to withdraw cash from the ATM we had to carefully budget.
At 11.30 we got our cases down to the lobby then went for a last wonder down the shops.We did not last long the heat and humidity drove us back to the hotel for a coffee and a walk through the airconditioned shopping arcade where prices are naturally higher.
However we did find an eatery where later on for 40 Baht we had a good lunch.You picked the dish from the picture on the wall and the meal was prepared in quick time,very spicy but delicious.
Our tranfer to the airport turned up,we gave out last coins to the porter and were driven to the airport by a guy who thought himself to be Michael Schunacher but without brains.The trip out took about half the time of the inward trip.
At the airport he stood hopefully waiting for a tip but was ultimately disappointed.In any case our pockets were empty.
Checked in ,went through passport control to the departure lounge where we got some duty free stuff and presently boarded a very new Airbus 300 the one with interactive screen which gives almost unlimited choise of music and movies,videos etc.
Tried to sleep but the natural sleeping pills we had bought were in fact pretty useless.Next time will get some real ones from the doctor.
Got to Auckland on time though our cases took a while to arrive.Went through the MAF check as we had food from Europe but no problems.
Our good neighbours Carol and Roy were a welcome sight.They whisked us home along the new Waikato Expressway which certainly cuts time.
Stopped in Cambrige for coffee and noticed the cold keeping in mind that for the six weeks we were away the temperature had never been less than 30C.
The thermometer in our home showed only 10C so the fires were quickly lit.
Managed to last till about eight before crashing.
So ends this narrative.