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Joseph’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Mar 2006

Location: auckland, New Zealand

MapHello and g'day from NZ. I've had great first 2 weeks here in Auckland, seeing all the small sights and working. I have being working for the past week and a half framing a house here in town. The building practices here are a little tough to get used to, as they don't build'em like we do at home, but take the same care as guys at home (big W especially). One of the guys I'm working with Colin, is an acupuncture dr. from china. The other 2, Rob and Stu are local fellas and fun to work with(tradesmen are alike the world over I guess). Celebrated St. Pattys day here by drinking my body weight in Kilkenney, with all too familliar results. Kiwis take St. Pattys very seriously, partying and drinking like its a 7-5 job. I've been spnding my evenings and weekends walking and sk8ing around the area( the hills are endless in Auckland, but drivers really don't care for skaters all that much, especially when you hold on to their bumper for a lift). This past sunday afternoon I went to the domain, a large park near the war musiem to relax and listen to some live outdoor jazz. I think I'll likely saty in Auckland for another few weeks, after that I'm not totally sure where I'll head, but I promise I'll let you know.
Happy, healthy, having fun and and living well.
I promise I'll get some pics up here soon.


by the way its 24 and humid, and has rained once since I arrived.