Jodes and Nick’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Mar 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

MapJust a quickie to say we have landed safely and are starting to get into travel mode.

Spent the first few days adjusting to the time zone given we left Melbourne 6am Friday, travelled for around 20 hours.......and arrived Santiago midday the same day! Sleep patterns now retuning to normal...just as well we dont need to wake up for work...for at least the next 8 months anyway! Thinking about that (for the last time in quite a while I hope)...did I give anyone the task of checking our lotto whilst we are away...?

Santiago is a beautifully located city at the foot of the Andes mountain range...well people tell us it is, as we cant see it through the smog ! Slightly different approach to polution over here.

Anyway, off to Patagonia tomorrow which we are both really looking forward to. Understand it is a chilly 10 degress down there, so can pack away the pantalones cortos (shorts that would be according to my recent espanol lessons) for a while - has been mid to high twenties here during the day with fantastic cool still nights.

Hopefully will get around to setting up the photos on the blog soon - cant wait to send people photos of the ........smog !!!!! Actually we do have a couple of great shots from nearby looking over the city, but it is very hard to get a clear view of the mountains which is a pity....guess we just need to get up into them !