Jodes and Nick’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Sep 2006

Location: Merida, Mexico

MapAfter relaxing at the beach for a few days we have now headed a little in land to Merida which is the capital of the Mayan Yucatan state.

Nice friendly people here, many of whom took time out to talk to us and had surprisingly good knowledge (compared to many others we have met over the last 6 months) of English, Australia and New Zealand - most wanted to talk about The Crocodile Hunter who we didn´t even know had died (poor bugger) until the Cuban consulate in Cancun told us the other day.

Merida is hot, but has lots on interesting colonial places and street food (they have Saturday and Sunday fiestas here everyweek!), so we tended to venture out in the morning and evenings, and spend the day in our airconditioned room...which doesn´t have a ceiling, only a wall between it and the other room?

Saturday's fiesta highlight was the Mariachi band that ended the night (along with the food), and that came after we went to a local restaurant for lunch that sell beers at slightly inflated prices (but no more than in a mid range restaurant) but provides you with food at no cost - great idea! At the same time they have live music and the whole thing appears to be an opportunity for the locals to get together, talk and dance. We stuffed ourselves with 3 rounds of drinks which was followed by 3 rounds of local food and it all ended up costing us around A$25 - if people are coming here you must go to Eladio´s!

Just over an hour away are the ruins of Uxmal, which are quite interesting with combination of pyramids, palaces and detailed stone facades / carvings.

PS We hope / think Steve Irwin was swimming with different rays to those we cajoled with in Caye Caulker, Belize!