Jodes and Nick’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Sep 2006

Location: Valladolid, Mexico

MapWe leave shortly for Isla Mujeres just out of Cancun for a few days on the beach before we fly out to Cuba to check on Fidel´s wellbeing.

After Merida we had a few spare days so headed south west to Campeche, an old colonial town where in the late 1600´s they built a wall around it to protect it from pirates! It´s a quiet place but nice for a few days to see the historical stuff, and although our hostel room was hot, at least the place had a rooftop terrace right adjacent the town´s main plaza and cathedral to give exceptional views - pity about the hostel's bikes which we tried to hire but found we couldn´t peddle far...with the rear brake fused to the rim!

Next stop Valladolid, another small town on the way east back to Cancun which we stayed in because we couldn´t pronounce the other places on the way like Tzucmuc, X'calcoop, X'kalkdzonot and Dzitnup! It is situated close to the ruins of Chichen Itza and many cenotes (underground caverns / waterholes).

Chichen Itza was nice, but like Uxmal and Tulum (and very different to Palenque, Copan, and Tikal) a little sterile as much of the ruins are roped off so you cant get too close...but maybe we are just getting a little 'ruined-out' ?!

The cenote at Dzitnup was great, a tiny hole in the ceiling to let the sun in, and when it did, it light up the cool, clear blue waters beautifully.

In a few days Cuba, where internet may not be as accessible, but keep checking the site anyway!