Jodes and Nick’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Sep 2006

Location: Central Amercia Summary, Central America

MapWell, our 2 months in Central America are all but up and we are off to Cuba for 3 weeks tomorrow.

Again we thought we would try and do a summary of the region which is easier said than done...

Hot, humid with afternoon thunder storms and obviously no need to check at our hostels first for hot water (24/7 or at all!).

We loved Mexico (food, beer (but not much in the way of wine!)ruins, culture and super buses) to the extent it probably rates as our second favorite overall destination to Argentina, but were surprised and disappointed (maybe naively?!) at some of the human rights abuses that we became aware of along the way.

We really liked Guatemala and Belize as well. Although Guatemala was cheaper, the Mayan´s more traditional, and Tikal was truly impressive, the food and buses were not as good (very important for long travel!). Belize was more expensive than everywhere else, but had lots of interesting/diverse stuff for a small country/population, had some really cool rasta locals, and (surprisingly) won Jodene´s vote for the Hot Sauce of the trip, although since then we have been impressed with the Habanero stuff the Mexicans are producing in the Yucatan. Belize also gets the prize for our first and (maybe?)only 'drive through cemetary' on the main road running through Belmopan.

Honduras? Probably unfair to say much given we were only there for 2 full days, but provided us with one of our most memorable moments on the chicken bus to the border when the drunk (at 8am) luggage guy at the back of the bus tried a few one liners on Jodes whilst I was sitting alongside!