Jodes and Nick’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Nov 2006

Location: Croatia and Montenegro, Europe

MapWell, we have come to the end of our '8 month' journey, ending it with a few weeks in Croatia and Montenegro.

Independant travel has taken its toll somewhat, but over the last two weeks we have been able to relax a bit more, enjoy great fresh local food (and wine of course!), take in some great vistas, and do a few day treks / trips to inhale some fresh air (which was much need after Cairo's smog!), and it's been an ideal way to finish up. It is now moving into to winter here, so you cant help but relax, as most things / offices are only open a few hours a day (or closed), so your biggest challenge is actually trying to guess which ones!

The Dalmation coast of Croatia is Nick's mums homeland, so it was also good to retrace her steps, but the place is full of history, medievil old towns and coastline, so we can see why it has become a hotspot for travellers in any event. The weather was generally fine and mild but not warm enough for swiming, so unfortunately no snorkelling (Ianko and Jezabel with the gear your gave us, but we will put it to use back at home were we are pleased to note summer is coming!) in the beautiful aqua coastal waters.

We managed to add to our 'forms of transport used' list by hiring a scooter on Korcula Island where it was blowing a gale and threatend to blow us off the top of a few hills as we rode across the island. At the end of the day we got back unscathed and enjoyed doing as the locals do. We hired a car again, this time to drive down to Montengro from Dubrovnik and then back to Split, and whilst the roads are fantastic panoramic curving coastal roads, the lunatic drivers make it a little hard to enjoy. We figure that because of the good roads and nice new powerful cars, the locals think they can overtake anywhere, but for this to work at times you need to slow down to let them overtake or pull to the side a little as they overtake on your side of the road coming right at you!