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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Dec 2005

Location: Cambodia

MapWell this one is probably gonna be a long one so if your not really
interested in what i've been up too I give you permission to exit this message now!!

Ok last time i emailed i was still in Bangkok. This seems like a
lifetime ago as we have done so much since. Decided to only stay in Bangkok for a few days as we had seen pretty much all there was to see. Next stop Chang Mai for a jungle trek.....

Chang Mai is Northern Thailand so to reach this destination it meant quite a long travel. By long I mean 14 hours on a train. But this was no ordinary train - it was a night train. This in itself was an experience. The carriages basically looked like big metal boxes with windows from the out side, and it wasnt much better once you got on. ALthough instead of seats it was just bunk beds!!! It was a very funny journey. One of the train security guards fell for Anna but couldnt speak much english so carried around a phrase book. He kept pointing out sentances to her and she had to reply doing the same. My personal favourite compliment he
gave Anna was 'You have a nice nose'!!! Who writes these phrase books!?
Any way after 10 hours on the train it comes to a halt as there has been an accident on the rails further up. Therefore we get dumped at a station in the middle of nowhere and have to wait hours before a coach comes to pick us up and take us the rest of the journey!

Eventually arrive in Chang Mai. Have a day to recover from the train journey and then off on our jungle trek. I loved it! We first had an elephant ride which was cool except for when they insisted on walking the elephant down a cliff edge - really didnt think i was going to make it! But we did and the next part of the journey was an hour and a half trek through the jungle to a waterful. During this time we saw very big spiders, walked thin log bridges over rivers and nearley had two fighting snakes full on our head! Reached the Waterfull which was beautiful and had a little swim until Becki freaked us all out thinking she had a snake around her ankles. Carried on walking up and down cliff edges for another hour and a half before reaching our destination for the night - a little tribe villiage in the middle of the jungle. Slept on a wooden floor or shall i say tried to sleep on a wooden floor. Me and Kate couldnt sleep as some sort of animal broke into the hut in the middle of the night and was eating all of Beckis biscuits from her bag. Still dont know what the animal was but it came back again so me and Kate had the worst nights sleep so far!

Basically stayed in Chang Mai just for the trek. Next stop was Cambodia. Got a half decent coach 7pm Sunday evening which took us to Bangkok. Another scary ride which i was convinced i wouldnt survive! We had a crazy little thai man who thought it great to drive a double decker coach at 100mph and not slow down for corners. Yet again didnt really get any sleep where my heart kept jumping into my throat! Arrived in Bangkok 6 am the next day. Swapped coaches to a smaller more tatty thing but the driver a lot more sensible. 5 hours later we arrive at the cambodian border - not the nicest experience. Anyway again we
swap transport this time down to a small mini bus which they litterallly packed everyone on to! This I loved. The driver warned us to mind our heads on the ceiling even though it was about 3 feet above them when sat. A little confused we just ignored him thinking he was another strange driver that is until we departed! It was like being on a roller coaster the whole way. The roads were sooooo bad everyone was flying out of there seats and landing on everyone else. Becki got a bit friendly
with the man next to her - obviously not on purpose!! 26 hours after we first began we finally arrive at our hostal. A long journey but definately something im glad i experienced.

Cambodia was completely different to anything ive ever seen. The poverty was heart breaking but that didnt seem to matter. Everyone we met was over friendly and couldnt do enough to help. Here we visited a war museam which was very sad. Our tour guide had lost his family to landmines and he personally had lost an arm but thought himself so lucky to be alive. He was brought up by a monk and now goes to college. We also visited killing fields where thousands of innocent people were tortuered and killed it was so so sad and amazing to think that this war only ended 25 years ago. And most people we met had lived through it.

While here we also visited Ankor Wat - a temple like none ive ever seen before. It was beautiful! Apparently it was called the 'lost' temples as when it was abandoned the jungle over grew it. You can tell this as there is actually huge trees growing ontop of some of the buildings. Hard to describe but you will see when i evenyually upload my photos.

Anyway back in Bangkok today for a night out for Miss Pickfords birthday before heading down to the islands. Looking forward to this as it'll be a nice change to just relax on a beach and work on the tan.

Well better go. Hope i havent bored you too much and hope everyone is ok and surviving the cold weather at home - its 30 degrees here by the way!!