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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Dec 2005

Location: Islands, Thailand

MapWell we have arrived down south to the beautiful islands of Thailand.

First stop was Phuket, which was only an hours flight from Bangkok but unfortunately Becki spent the whole journey in the toilet as she got food poisening! Anyway Phuket is ok. Just your typical holiday resort really but with a lot more Ladyboys!

Dan (for those of you who know Ross - his friend) ran into us in Bangkok and decided to join us on our travels until we all meet up with Ross and Matt in Singapore. And he brought along a friend he made on the plane called Mark so there are now 6 of us.

Well anyway while in Phuket we decided as Greg was fighting at home we would go see a Thai boxing match. Greg you'll be pleased to know I didnt hate it as much as i thought I would! (Its still pointless though!)

Anyway after a couple of days here we all decided it was time to move on to the more scenic islands. And that is why I now find myself on a little island called Phi Phi. It is beautiful and so relaxed. We were only supposed to be staying for 3 days but still find ourselves here. It is the island that is next to where the beach is filmed so u can imagine how stunning it actually is. Would probably stay even longer but have a full moon party to
attend and need to send Anna home. Sniff, sniff.

Havent really done alot since we arrived as its so easy just to wake up take a stroll down on to the beach and laze for the day.

The other guys did go on a sightseeing tour to Maya bay (the actual beach used in the film The Beach) but unfortunately i was in bed with toothache - dont worry guys im all better now!! And this morning we did get up at 6am to go swimming with sharks!! A great experience and surprisingly not scary at all.

Anyway best go, i have a cocktail on the beach waiting for me!