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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Dec 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapWell hello!

Another little update from me.....

I think the last time i emailed i was on the beautiful island of Phi Phi. Well ended up staying there for a whole week. Was only supposed to stay for 3 nights but loved it so much we couldnt leave. We spent most of the time doing nothing while here but did have a sudden surge of energy on our last day and decided to hire out a kayak to paddle around the island! So off the six of us went 2 in each. "What a good idea" we all though as we first paddled off and discovered a stunning beach full of cute monkeys. Had a quick drink then off we went again. Two and a half hours later with no end in sight and only huge cliffs on one side and a huge ocean on the other we discovered it wasnt such a great idea! We reached a corner where the weather and sea got so bad that me and Kate couldnt phisically steer our kayak
around so there we saw Mark and Dan first disappear around the corner and then Anna and Becki while we just got washed back the other way!! So out of no choice of our own we turned round and made our way back! The sea was so bad we really didnt think we were going to make it but obviously we did. And to our joy we found out that the end was litterally just around that corner! Exhausting but a very funny day!

Anyway from here we moved on to Koh Phangan. The home of the famous Full Moon party. As we had to take Anna to the airport as she was abandoning us (a very sad day as its just not the same with out you moran) Mark and Dan went on with out us, which was a great thing as they sorted out accomodation for us. And I must say they did a grand job! We had a bungalow litterally on
the beach and a swimming pool on the right of us! It was perfect - except for our toilet breaking but i wont go in to that!!!!!

Unfortunately the Full Moon Party was cancelled due to a terrible accident the day before. 3 girls drowned when swimming as the waves were so bad the police didnt want to take a chance and have more drownings. So there were 10,000 people with no where to go and if any one has been to this island before they will know that the streets surrounding the beach are pretty
small with not many bars as they are all situated on the beach. SO as u can imagine it was pretty crowded! We decided to make the most of the night anyway so all the people at our resort met in the bar early for drinks before we went out. Ended up getting quite drunk and we all stayed out all night and having a party on our private beach at 7am!! This night also consisted of the funniest taxi journey ive ever had! When i say taxi i basically mean an open back truck! 20 of us all managed to fit in the back with people hanging onto the sides - something you'd see in india! This was fine until we started to try and climb the steepest hill on the island!!! The taxi stalled, so out we all had to get to push. The taxi then started rolling back down the hill nearly running us all over. Dan jumped out of the way and got part of his shorts ripped off by a passing moped! I couldnt actually stand up where i was laughing so hard!!! All in all a brilliant night.

Obviously not getting any sleep was not the best option when the next day we had to catch a plane to Singapore. Flew from Koh Samui airport which you basically sat on the side of the run way like a bus stop - maddness!

Singapore - so diffrent to Thailand! Its soooo clean. Probably due to the fact you get fined $1000 for dropping anything! This was also the first time we stayed in a hostel. I was dreading this but its not actually that bad. Anyway, here we visited a few things but the highlight has to be the night safari. It was brilliant. My favourite had to be the bats which were huge and litterally flew right at you - one actually hit my head! Also one of my
fav things about Singapore is their love for christmas. Imagine Oxford Street in London but bigger covered in fantastic Christmas lights and that is the main road in SIngapore. It also has speakers blasting out Xmas tunes as you walk down the road which me Becki and Kate obviously had to stop and have little dance to!! Also found out that on this road on Xmas eve they cover it
in fake snow!!!! How great is that!?

Anyway here we are now in Sydney! 37 degrees but such a refreshing heat not muggy like SE Asia. I have loved my time in SE Asia though and will definitely go back. But I must say its nice to have a change and im looking forward to my time here in Oz. Just waiting for Annabella to come join us now!

Just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you all have a great day and if i dont get a chance to email before have a brilliant New Year.