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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Jan 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapSo here i am still in Sydney!

Been here just over two weeks now and its starting to feel like home! Had a great 2 weeks but a lot of it has been spent apartment hunting and job hunting - borrrrring! Ok im used to doing what i want when i want for the last month and a half so having to come back to reality is rubbish!

Anyway on to the interesting stuff we have been doing. I think the last time i emailed was just before Christmas. Well Christmas itself was excellent but not Christmassy in the slightest unless you count sunbathing on a beach all day and having McDonalds for lunch Christmassy!?!
Christmas Eve all of us met at Craig’s - beckis boyfriend's - flat which is stunning with a nice view of the harbour. Here we started the day/evening with quite a few drinking games. Very funny afternoon. I managed to loose quite a few so was quite merry before we even left for the bars. Eventually we did make it out and ended up in this bar which just played Christmas music constantly! For those of you who know my feelings towards Christmas music would know this was heaven for me! SO a BRILLIANT night! The bar was that good that even Santa popped in!!

Christmas day.... had a nice lie in before heading to the beach. Bondi beach of course. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day! It was boiling hot without a cloud in the sky. A very strange sight though, the beach was full of people in Christmas hats. There was even a Christmas tree and everyone was singing Christmas carols! The day ended with a gang of us going for food in a local pub then the 6 of us went back to our hostel to open our secret Santa pressies. I got a china doll and a pair of flip flops 3 times too big for me (thanks Beck!).

Next big occasion was the arrival of Miss Osborne. 6 am Friday morning we dragged ourselves down to the airport with a big sign in hand. After a little wait, out bounces Anne looking a bit tired i must say - not surprising after her lovely 27 hour flight! I think she was pleased to see us because she did shed a tear or two.

Before we know it New Years Eve had arrived. We spent the day relaxing in the sun as we knew the night was going to be a long one. Had a few drinks at our hostel before heading to the Harbour where we had tickets for a very nice bar called Cruise. And a bonus it had perfect views of the fireworks. I’ve seen a few fireworks in my time but the display they put on to welcome in 2006 was absolutely amazing! I just wish you could’ve all been there to see it. The night went so fast we were heading home before we knew it, but not before joining another party which was randomly going on, on one of Sydney’s main streets! And I actually mean in the middle of the road. Very bizarre but very funny!

Well I would love to tell you all about the sightseeing we've done in the day but to be honest we haven’t yet done a lot! Went to the aquarium the other day and visited the Chinese gardens but that’s about it! We were going to visit the Blue Mountains tomorrow but silly me managed to sprain my ankle on Saturday night when we went to a Hed Kandi night!

Anyway im sure you are well and truly bored by now so I will finish. Speak soon.