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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Feb 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Mapa true Sydneysider..........that's me!!!

I officially am now that I have a full time boring office job, and guess that I am even working in Group Risk! Thought you might like that Marco and Gents!? I may even go all out and have a foliage cocktail after work on Friday!!! To all my ex Unum colleagues you'll never guess what system I am currently being trained on.... yep you've guessed it - ALIS!!!! I move to the other side of the world and it still manages to catch up with me!

Well yes you can probably guess life has gone dramatically down hill now that I am back working in an office again, but I do get to walk past the harbour with views of the Opera house and bridge everyday so it's a reminder where I am. Only been there a day but the people do seem really nice so it should be ok for a month or so. Me, Anne, Kate and Kim also work part time for quite a classy club, lovely looking but full of pretentious people. Good money for what we do though so can't complain - spend an hour flyering beaches and get paid for 3!

Anyway looking for work over the last couple of weeks has taken up must of all of our time so we haven't had much time to do many fun things. Ok that's a bit of an exaggeration, usually a quick visit to the internet to apply for a few jobs a couple of times a week is all I managed. Here I must say a well done to Katie who was probably the most motivated out of all of us and went to so many interviews at all times of the day for weeks where as personally I went to 2 - oops!! But it's all ok now because we both have jobs. Anne and Kim are doing there usual promo work which they started a couple of weeks ago. When did Kim arrive I hear you ask.....!

Well....Becki sadly departed to Melbourne with Craig just before
Kimberlina arrived on 25th February (the day before Australia day -
perfect timing!). She stumbled of the plane completely hammered with two men carrying her bags for her - typical Kimbo!! She has fitted in perfectly and is as crazy as ever.

Ok other things that we have done..... Well it was Australia Day the day after Kim arrived. Apparently all the Ozzies go out for Australia day eve so planned on having a big night. Ended up having drinks on our balcony until late so by the time we got out there were queues for everywhere. So a bit of a rubbish night. The next day however was a lot more enjoyable. Packed a picnic and headed off to Darling Harbour for the day. Had beers and watched the fireworks. Sydney certainly knows how to put on a display! They were amazing and to music this time much to Anne's joy!

That is probably the only momentous occasion that has happened since my last update. Spend most days going to the beach if the weather is good and have had quite a few funny nights out but other than that not much else to report.

Still living in our 8 bed dorm with the guys in crazy old Kings Cross.
We all get on great and it is like having a slumber party every night
but I must say (Mum you'll be pleased to hear this!) they don't half nag - its like living with 3 dads or 3 brothers when they make it there mission to annoy you! But other than that we all have such a laugh and the trip wouldn't be the same without them.

Anyway ive included photos again, so gives you something to look at if
you're bored....