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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Mar 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapJust thought I'd write a quick message to keep you updated on my progress in the last few weeks....

Well its been quite a hectic few weeks thats for sure. Where do I start...!? Hmmm well the last time i wrote i was starting my new office job. That went extremely well, i lasted all of a day!!!!! After not working for near enough 3 months going back to an office was so hard. The people were lovely and the job was simple enough but it was the idea of being locked indoors while the
sun was shining outside. So on to Plan B.... Fruit Picking!!

We got all this sorted and would leave Sydney on 23rd Feb so had only a couple of weeks left in Sydney to enjoy.....

I must say living in Kings Cross was always entertaining but not as much so as our last week. We started the week with celebrations in mind as it was Kimbos 23rd birthday. Had a few drinks on the balcony and ventured to a near by night club which was good, but the high light of the night had to be Dan dancing around the room when we got back. Dont worry Dan thats all Im gonna say on the matter!!

Next day (kims actual birthday) Kim wanted to spend it on the beach as she had never been able to sunbath on her birthday before. So off we went. Such a hot day so had to jump in the sea as soon as we arrived, but silly Kate managed to find a jellyfish and let it sting her. She was all smiles and laughter about it to begin with even though it really hurt but then she deteriated and had to be taken to hospital. So being a caring friend that i am i went with her - and i got to go in my first ambulance!! A bit disappointing as they didnt put the sirens on! Anyway back to Kate - she was absolutely fine just reacted badly to the sting at the time.

Next day we wake up to alarms ringing throughout the hostel. It took me about 10 mins to realise that it was actually in our hostel (everyone else was either still in bed or at work) So I open our door to find a hall way full of smoke! Then Ross, Anne and kim decided to move. In fact ive never seen them move so fast in the morning!! We were all running around like headless chickens trying to gather belongings together and change out of
night clothes to go outside! With Kim trying to make us jump over the balcony to safety (as the fire was the other way) and Anne looking for wet towels me and Ross (bravely) venture down the stairs to find........ some one had burnt the toast!!! I dont think Ive ever laughed so hard.

Our last night in Sydney we went to our local for a few good bye drinks and ended up getting locked in... The bouncer not the smallest of men looked petrified and quickly locked the door just grabbing matt in in time. And then informed us there was a huge riot outside and that it was for our own safety as a bouncer got shot last week!! Didnt actually see anything except a huge gang of blokes who looked like they'd ventured out of Knowle West
walking down the middle of the road! It was eventually safe for us to leave and when we did venture home there were fire engines absolutely everywhere on our street! There was actually a real fire this time but luckily not in our hostel. In the restaurant opposite. It was quite scary but luckily there was no one in there so no one got hurt. Anne had 'super hero' head on again and was trying to get everyone to get back in case of an explosion! Which
again was something we all chuckled about the next day!

Well the time came for us to leave and what a sad day it was. Me, Anne, and Kim were all leaving for Melbourne to meet Becki and Ross was leaving for Cairns to go see Craig. Where as Dan and Matt were staying in Sydney and Kate was staying there until she finished her job. It was so strange saying bye and thinking we probably wont all be together again as I've had such a wicked last 2 months with the guys and they have become like family. Oh well
all good things must come to end.

So 12 long hours later we arrive in Melbourne! Becki meets us at the coach station and takes us to our hostel for the next few nights. We are here for only a few days and make the most of the 24hr bar in our hostel. We hear lots of horror stories about fruit picking which obviously has its effect on Kim as she decided to go back to Sydney!

After another long 10 hour coach/train journey we arrive at our destination - the middle of no where! There we are standing on the side of a road when a man pulls up in his car and calls for us to get in. He takes us to basically a shack again in the middle of nowhere! Which is going to be our home for the next month!! There are about 30 other people living in this place and we
thought it just about looked big enough for the 3 of us! SO we end up doing our first day of pruning grapes and earn about $30 each (approx 12 pounds) for an 8 hr day. On to plan C!!!!

That brings us back to Melbourne! We are off to see the Neighbours set on Friday and are driving the great Ocean road on tuesday then we'll probably head back up to Sydney after. So we'll worry about finding work then!

So what have you all been up to? Ive heard rumours of snow? Im very jealous I must say! Ive forgotten what it feels like to be really cold which is strange after living in England all my life. Anyway I'd love to hear from you soon so email me if you get a chance.


Ps. Sorry I said it was gonna be a quick message and ive just realised ive rambled on for quite a while!!