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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Mar 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapMy last few weeks have certainly been busy ones!

As some of you may have seen from Annes extra long Neighbours update we have certainly done the 'Neighbours thing' while being in Melbourne. It all started with a trip to Ramsay street. This was very strange. It felt very much like stepping into the tv. Unfortunately they weren't filming that day - but never fear we got our chance to meet the stars the following Monday at the Neighbours night. The stars being Toadie, Stu and Janelle.

To those who know Anne you can imagine how over excited she was at the whole experience!! Honestly it was like all her christmases had come at once! To be fair though we were all pretty excited and all in all it was a fantastic night. Except when i somehow entered myself into a competition to win a daytrip somewhere. I had to get up on stage and to my horror to win the prize I had to 'snog' this unsuspecting guy for a whole 2 minutes! Yep you guessed it I wouldnt do it - so i got nicely booed off stage!! Ha ha! Only one person in the whole place congratulated me for NOT doing it - everyone of the other 300 hundred or so then knew me as the girl that wouldnt kiss on stage from then onwards! Even Stu from Neighbours came up to me later that night and asked me why i wouldnt kiss the man!!!

You would've thought that was more than enough Neighbours but Oh NO! We found out that Karl Kennedy and his band were performing the next night so guess where we went!? I wasnt a particularly big fan of Karls before but after seeing him perform - i along with everyone else in the place love him!! He is so entertaining and thanks to Anne making friends with someone who works with him we got taken back stage to meet the man himself! Another photo opportunity of course!

Well after we got over the excitment of our Neighbours fun we decided it was time to move on to do a bit of sight seeing. We hired a car for a week and started off on our mini adventure down the Great Ocean Road. The sights were just stunning. The coast line was like non i've ever seen before. Along the way we stopped at lots of different sights including the lighthouse where 'Around the Twist' was filmed! We did a walk through a rainforest, visited the twelve apostles, saw wild Kangeroos hopping about and Koala bears sleeping in trees. We even put a side the comfort (!!) of a hostel to get at one with nature and camped for a couple of nights - and oh my god it was freezing!! But we survived and all in all it was a brilliant little road trip. Check out the pictures!

We arrived back in Melbourne where we were only supposed to be spending one night but then me and Anne decided that maybe we would like to stay as there was so much going on here with the Commonwealth Games coming up. So Becki decided this was a good idea. Kate on the other hand was missing Sydney too much so went back.

I can honestly say im so happy i stayed! We had such a good time the last week.

First it was the opening of the Commonwealth games. We couldnt afford the $400 dollors it was to actually watch it in the MCG so we found a good spot on the floor of Federation square in front of the big screen with 1000s of other people. We were having a great night anyway and then suddenly a BBC camera crew arrived infront of us and some sports presenter called Claire sat in the middle of us and did a broadcast with us around her! Very funny! Not sure if you saw it but im sure we looked ridiculous!

Then came the rugby 7s. Obviously we had to go and support England. And guess what Anne made it on TV again!! In the excitment she got her England bikini out (yes she was wearing it!) and even got interviewed by the tv presenter there. England got silver, but thats ok because we beat the Ozzies and thats all that mattered.

A couple of nights later out on an average night out in Melbourne me and Anne got approached by a photographer of a London agent who wanted to do a story on English girls travelling and said he would pay for our night out if we let him take photos of us on a night out and do a story! So we thought - Hey its a free night out why not! SO there we were in every bar having about a thousand pictures taken of us everytime we moved. Honestly ive never fake smiled so much in my life or felt so famous! So look out for me and Anne and our ugly mugs in a magazine near you soon!!

Theres so much else to write about but i think ive bored you enough. Im now back in Sydney as me and Becks came back here to work (yep Anne decided to stay in Melbourne all on her own!)
Cant believe im back in Sydney it was good for the first day - seeing my boys Matty J and Daniel who I have missed dearly but im definitely bored of Sydney and cant wait to move on.

Hope every one is good. I hope to hear from you all soon x x x x