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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapWell its an end of an era - I am finally leaving Sydney for good. Its been 5 whole months since i first stepped in to the city. I've been away to Melbourne and Mildura but always found myself back here.

But the time has come to move on for good. As they say all good things must come to an end.

Where are you going I hear you ask!? Well as the whether is deterioting here we've decided to chase the sun and head North to Cairns. We'll be spending a few nights here before making our way down the East Coast.
It should be amazing and dont worry I'll be sure to tell you all how much so along the way!

Back to my last weeks in Sydney....

Well the last month or so has been spent mostly working, going out or staying in our room making the most of our DVD player!! So not really a lot of interesting stuff to report, so I wont bore you with the details of all my nights out.

I will however tell you about my last and final night out in Sydney. It was a great night. Me and my travelling family (Kate, Rebecca, Kimberley, Anne (who arrived back from Brisbane a couple of days before) Matthew, Daniel and Linda (who we have adopted!) all went out for a meal to a lovely if not a little manic Italian. The highlight of this meal had to be the poem written/produced and performed by Matthew Willis of all the fun we have had while all being together. It was so funny but yet so sad and brought many to tears.
The rest of the night went so fast. We met up with other friends from the hostel and drank the night away. Some more drunk than others!! Ha ha

Our last full day arrived and although very sad I couldn't have wished for a nicer day. We all woke up late and a big group of us went to Harrys Cafe de Wheels (which all the famous people visit) for pie and mash (yes a very healhy breakfast/lunch!)
Later that day was a picnic at Watsons Bay to watch the sunset over the Sydney Sky line. Then in the evening a few farewell drinks at our local irish pub.

A few things i want to mention about the last couple of weeks and my time in Sydney as a whole...

Number one my home... The Original Backpackers, Kings Cross. Not the Ritz but I would not have changed it for the world. The staff - most being freinds - are great. And our rooms. Especially our latest room 31. I will miss just hanging around, usually laying on my bed watching DVDs with every one.

Email Club - with out these people (u know who you are) I dont think I would've survived my time in the office.

The friends from all over the world we met. Especially one Geordie, lovely Linda, otherwise known as Geordo!! Who brightened everyones day with her beautiful singing voice.

Last but not least two people that I know I will be friends with forever... Mr Daniel Byrne and Mr Matthew Willis. This trip would not have been the same with out you guys.

Ok enough of the sadness. This trip is not over I have so much more to see. So here I am, now in sunny Cairns (north Australia) which does remind me off a spanish holiday resort but it's a change from being stuck in a city. Next stop is Magnetic Island which looks stunning. Time to work on the tan i think!

3 weeks left of Oz before I head off to New Zealand, but im sure i'll be in touch again before then.

Hope you are all well. Keep in touch. X x x