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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Jul 2006

Location: Nadi, Fiji

MapAfter having an action packed 4 weeks in New Zealand it was time for a well deserved rest!!! SO off we flew to the beautiful Fiji Islands.

Our first stop was Nadi on the main Island. It was ok, nothing to write home about (even though i am!!). We were only here for one night before catching a little speed boat over to the island of Malola.

We arrived to a welcoming song and friendly smiles all round, giving us an impression that this was just the sort of place we could stay for weeks on end but that changed after a couple of hours!! The place was a whole if you were staying in the dorms and over run by little American teenagers who were allowed to get drunk so took full advantage.

Luckily we were only here for 3 nights before moving onto the next island... Beachcomber.

As soon as we arrived we noticed the difference. This island was tiny (it took approximately 7 mins to walk around the whole place!) but it was stunning! White sands with crystal water. We only had another 3 nights here but we loved every minute. Each night they had typical Fijian entertainment and we even tried Cava (a drink made out of plant roots that made your tongue go numb!) it tasted like muddy water!!!

Unfortunately the time came to move on but we were not too upset as the next stop was the Cook Islands. Rumour had it these were even more beautiful!