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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 15 Jul 2006

Location: Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Map3 hours after boarding a plane in Fiji we succesfully land (always a bonus!) in Roratonga the main island of the Cook collection. In fact this plane was special as it took us back in time!! We left on the 15th and arrived on the 14 so got to live Annes birthday twice. Ok as im sure some of you clever people realise it was a time machine we boarded but we in fact flew over the time line.

Anyway we arrive to a dorm up in the hillside and decide that after one night this is not good enough for us!!!! So the next day we hunt for a new home and find the perfect one. A villa on the beach! So in we move (we do try and be scabby backpackers but we enjoy our luxuries too much!!). And I am so glad we did. Every morning waking up and having my breakfast on the balcany looking out at the crashing waves on the beach was heaven.

There really is not alot i can tell you about the Cook Islands as we spent all our time on one, but it was beautiful. Unfortunately it did rain alot while we here (typical for us!) but we did have a nice time just lazing about.

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