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Jacqui’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Jul 2007

Location: Galway, Ireland

MapLeft Derry and headed south along the coast. Stopped at a few Celtic and Viking ruins including a fort and a monastery. Mainly a driving day where we got to see alt of beautiful coastal scenery. Stopped at a cute little surfing town for lunchÖ it almost felt like we could have been in Oz. Spent the night in Cong a nice little village in the county of Mayo. We were right near a castle that had beautiful grounds that we walked through at sunset. Supposedly Madonna got married here, but we are not sure if thatís true or not.
WE stopped the next day at Croagh Patrick, the mountain where St Patrick went to fast and from where he banished all the snakes from Ireland! Itís now a famous pilgrimage site and people are supposed to climb it barefoot to do it properly! This area of Ireland was also one of the areas most hit by the great potato famine. We saw a lot of moving monuments and huge amount of graveyards from this time.
Finally reached Galway, a big university town. This became our big night out of the trip. Had a big group meal and then hit the pubs. The Irish guy on our tour had studied here so he took as to a few good pubs and then a nightclub, turned into an awesome night.