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Jacqui’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Jul 2007

Location: Cork to Dublin, Ireland

MapSecond last day on the tour was in the County of Cork, where of course we had to visit the famous Blarney Castle! All trip most of s were saying ‘I not kissing it, no way’, but yes most of us ended up doing it, and no we didn’t catch any diseases hat we know of yet, and yes we do know that the locals supposedly pee on it! But hey it’s something you have to do! The castle itself was pretty ruined, but pretty interesting to look around, and the grounds were nice. You have to climb up to the top tower of the castle to kiss the stone. You lay on your back, hold onto two bars and a guy holds onto you then you lean right back and kiss it upside down. It’s pretty crazy, and it’s just a piece of wall you’re kissing, it doesn’t look like anything special, but hey we did it!
Our last day on the tour was spent mainly driving back to Dublin, but our very last stop was the most important… the Guinness Storehouse! It’s been turned into a museum, and you get a free pint of Guinness in the roof top bar, definitely worth a stop!!
It was really sad to end the tour; I met some great people and made some really good friends. But I will definitely be back in Dublin before I go home, Eva made me promise I would come back and visit!